Subject: File No. S7-35-11
From: ted d sparks, none
Affiliation: citizen

September 7, 2011

i think that reits are great for the average working citizen of the this country they are great for retires and young investers the banks have really messed up this country and know they want to control all the money and i think sec should leave the 50 year act alone know that have found out a way to have great return on the investment for the citizen you people want to mess it up go after the banks that rip off the american citizen not one person has been prosecuted from the mortgage scam of century look into that and get back the tax payers money quit being bought off from the banks greed you will all have to answer for your action in the scams and greedy it is wrong shame on all you people they dont want millions they want billions in there accounts leave the little people alone they give (90%) back to share holder not back to some ceo bank like hank paulson from goldman sachs then retires with $ 400,000,000, in his pocket investigate the whole goldman crue unless you people are promised a job there like all the people that are in high places leave it alone........................................................