Subject: File No. S7-35-11
From: Anita B Carr
Affiliation: city commissioner

September 5, 2011

The use of abs or mbs or anything to do with financing a home mortgage should be completely banned.

In my situation my mortgage loan was purposefully placed into a false default.

My house foreclosed upon and I am litigating in multiple jurisdictions.

Now, I have learned by discovery that the Corporate Assignment of Deed, which essentially is used in a non-judicial foreclosure state such as California, was illegal and invalid due to illegal notary acts by the loan originator's notary staff (employees of Home123 Corporation, a subsidiary of New Century Mortgage).

The california notary involved in my assignment stated he did hundreds a day and that all the other notary-employees were doing notarizations illegally (in other words, not compliant with California notary laws).

As you are well aware, New Century Mortgage was one of the largest subprime lenders in the world. They really only originated loans (acting as a broker) and never used their own funds. Thus the true lender was never disclosed to me.

So--thousands upon thousands of assignments of property are illegal and invalid but these recorded documents are being used across the USA to foreclose on americans.
This would be for any loan origination done by New Century Mortgage or Home123 Corp and for any of their own notary-employees who did notarizations on those documents.

Also, any of the big banks, such as Chase etc. are using these fraudulent documents to foreclose and are in violation of IRS REMIC laws and are doing tax evasion due to the fraudulent recorded documents.

I can guarantee you that most of the mortgages in JPMAC2006-NC1, all loans originated by New Century or Home123 Corp are fraudulent.

These banks and other securities firms are not paying IRS taxes as they should be. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

In fact, due to the fraudulent assignments, the robo signing and the forgeries, most of the loans still really remain with New Century Mortgage or Home123 Corporation.

AGAIN--go back to the old way of financing a home mortgage--do not use securitization schemes--individuals can get a mortgage through their local bank--so we will know who our real lender is

ps--be sure to refer this to your investigation department--the REMIC and SEC violations. JPMorgan Chase is covering up the fact that the loans in JPMAC2006-NC1 were not properly transferred to them from New Century Capital Corporation. They owe our US Govt lots of tax money plus are continuing to defraud the investors and homeowners.

You can contact me if you need further information.