Subject: File No. S7-08-10
From: Daniel Yuhasz

September 4, 2011

Stocks make good money but pay it all to CEOs but shareholders get next to nothing. Shareholders have to rely on the stock going up to make any money. Most dividends are less than the inflation rate. Some companies dont even pay taxes but their CEOs get a big lump sum and the stockholders get tiny dividends. With the wild moves in the markets it is not worth holding most stock. Our money supply is not trustworthy and stable because prices keep going up now they want to take the copper and nickel out of the nickel because the metal is worth more than the nickel because of inflation. The government spent all of our money on a war that was unjust and they spent money they didnt have so now we are all taxed through inflation for the war. REITs are the only stocks worth having, they make money and give it to the shareholders as required by law. Social security is a profitable enterprise but it seems the money was lent out to pay for other govt expenditures so the money is not there either. We have not gotten allowance for inflation with social security so many go to REITs to get extra cash. REITs are not for everyone and I realize the risks but now with the new proposed changes the risks are even higher with just the mention of changes. I have already taken most of my money out of the stock market and put it into silver ETF and I may have to sell the rest of it. Is silver and gold the only way to go today? Not only are we losing faith in the money but also the stocks and the government.In the future I may even sell the ETF for purchase of bullion. If things do not get better I will have to retire on Jonsen Mathey silver bars and US gold Eagle coins, and old silver dimes and old pennies and nickels because they are the only thing that seems reliable lately. I will also encourage the other holders of REIT stock to buy silver and gold with their holdings of REITs as it is I suggest a holding of metals to protect against any problems that arise in that sector.