Subject: File No. S7-34-11
From: RAY crain

September 1, 2011

The misguided whim and mental masturbation of a sec lawyer helped the american investors lose over 120 billion dollars today as the uncertainty and absurd meddling and over regulation of a model that has not done any wrong sent the dow down 120 points. Mreits are doing the job that TARP was originally designed to do until Paulson took the cowards way out and gave money directly to the banks. in this economy of slow home sales and still hard to obtain financing, you are attacking the financiers. the mreits replenish Freddie and fannie so that more mortgages can be made. the average Mreit lost 3.5% because of nothing but your inane comments.
you have opened this for public comment. Who do you think is going to publicaly attack the Mreits? anyone with them, love them. those without them know nothing about them. until and unless some evidence is shown that Mreits are acting fraudulently somehow, what is the point? The SEC has plenty of unfinished business without adding this busy work