Subject: File Number S7-33-10: Whistleblower Award Program

December 7, 2010

Dear Ms. Murphy

I just signed a petition saying:

"More whistleblowing about corporate crimes could have made the foreclosure crisis and economic meltdown less severe. Whistleblowers should never be forced or engouraged to take their concerns to their potentially corrupt bosses first: Those who go directly to the government deserve the strongest rewards and protections allowed by law."

I'll put it into simple words: A whistleblower is basically a confidential informant who has taken a great risk letting the government, law enforcement, media and even the populace know about a corrupt, immoral wrong doing of the people they work for that they should face the consequences of. However, the only reason they can do this is because they know their anonymity will remain or that they are protected. If we change this now, then it is the same as telling a confidential informant in the mafia or any organised crime to first let their bosses know they are about to leak information to the police. Taking protection away from these people will not only make corruption that damages economy, safety and and well-being of the people easier to spread and grow, but it is also putting these brave people who wanted to do the right thing in outright danger. Is the justice system supposed to encourage good people to come forward with information regarding crime and corruption, or is it in place to allow evil people access to these good people to shut them up and escape from being held accountable for their wrong doings? Protect these people, who have little yet are willing to give everything do what is right. Government exists for the sake of the people, not the other way around. For that is not democracy or liberty, but dictatorship. Help the citizens who work to support you, not the people who would exploit both them and you.