Subject: File Number S7-33-10: Whistleblower Award Program

December 7, 2010

Dear Ms. Murphy

I just signed a petition saying:

"More whistleblowing about corporate crimes could have made the foreclosure crisis and economic meltdown less severe. Whistleblowers should never be forced or engouraged to take their concerns to their potentially corrupt bosses first: Those who go directly to the government deserve the strongest rewards and protections allowed by law."

It is reprehensible that any whistle blower be required to go through the same authority that allowed the fraud or corruption or crime that they are whistle blowing about go through in the first place. If corporations or banks could be relied on to regulate themselves there would be no need of whistle blowers, but this is simply not the case. The SEC needs to ensure that whistle blowers are protected from reprisals from the entities they are reporting on. They should never be forced or encouraged to take their concerns to their potentially corrupt bosses first. That would merely be an invitation to punitive measures designed to discourage, dissuade, and ultimately silence those who would speak out against corruption and fraud. The SEC exists because the government has a duty to protect people from those who would try to harm them. Let us not forget the welfare of those who are brave enough to stand up against corporate crime.

Christopher Welch
Concord, VA