Subject: File Number S7-33-10: Whistleblower Award Program

December 7, 2010

Dear Ms. Murphy

I just signed a petition saying:

"More whistleblowing about corporate crimes could have made the foreclosure crisis and economic meltdown less severe. Whistleblowers should never be forced or engouraged to take their concerns to their potentially corrupt bosses first: Those who go directly to the government deserve the strongest rewards and protections allowed by law."

I believe I still live in America... There is no sense in making it harder to utilize my freedom of speech, let alone to the degree which keeps people doing wrong things. The laws are here to protect the honest people and not any other reason... In no way is it okay to limit who I tell what to. I would be the first to stand up for what was right, there need to be more people who will... if you give the people the chance and motivation to do so. I feel that they will, and make our country stronger in the process. But don't take my word for it... I am just a person who has changed his life for the better and now devote the vast majority of my life to helping people, the very same people whom were mentioned, aforethought, 234 years ago. The very same people the government is operated for. What if the government were to do as it should, as it was designed to, and be the beacon of what is right in the world. We didn't become the superpower we were in the early half of the century by regulating the good people in the world, nor have we become what we are today (which is not good, by the way) by building up the do-gooders as we need to. "Why is this person whistle-blowing?" is a fair question... is it to support their personal agenda?... is it to make things right with the world?... The better question would be "Why does the government care?" At the end of the day, the people doing wrong behind what ever subterfuges exist... could be held accountable for their actions, and potentially avoid the repercussions on the honest people the government should care about more... not the corporations, merely existing as ideas in the capitalistic world we all live in... as an acceptable reality to most free people anyway. Thank you for your time NICHOLAS BAILEY 28, Male, White, Single, Educated, Debt-free, free-spending, honest, FREE human being (just in case the demographic I am from is in question)

Nick Bailey
Watsonville, CA