Subject: File Number S7-33-10: Whistleblower Award Program

December 6, 2010

Dear Ms. Murphy

I just signed a petition saying:

"More whistleblowing about corporate crimes could have made the foreclosure crisis and economic meltdown less severe. Whistleblowers should never be forced or engouraged to take their concerns to their potentially corrupt bosses first: Those who go directly to the government deserve the strongest rewards and protections allowed by law."

It's our American right to voice our opinions. This country is an alleged democracy which should mean that the government is run for and by the everyman who is willing and capable of hearing his fellow people. Through silencing these potential truth-sayers, this oaths are being completely undermined. Please allow me to actually be proud of my country and our so-called freedoms. Juwan Mimes

Juwan Mimes
Bridgeport, CT