Subject: File No. S7-33-10
From: Susan Chandler

December 23, 2010

Whistleblowers should be a protected (and rewarded) species, and more channels should be opened to receive complaints, with procedures in place to act upon claims rapidly and forthrightly. Laws prohibiting retaliation should have teeth.

Our government and the corporations they unduly protect have beaten us within an inch of our lives. The sickening secrecy, only as yet minimally defeated, indicates that it was intentional.

Those in power have taken us to abysmally dark places. A damning example is the many unnatural protections - national and international - of Bush Company from being prosecuted for war crimes.

We cannot rely on your judgment, because your decisions are made in the absence of ethics. Self-serving lies are published and broadcast every day, with the media aware that they are giving voice to misinformation. Their likely motive is additional mergers that fill their coffers by fleecing the public and increase their ability to further more lies unchallenged.

No federal agency is operating as it should. The FBI refuses to investigate public corruption that affected trial and election outcomes. The IRS grants tax exemption to entities that blatantly misrepresent their value to the public, like the American Bar Association. The DoJ will not ask Congress to untie its hands by overriding spurious civil immunities that arose from specious case law and disingenuous legislation. The FCC has given itself censorship capabilities. The FDA acts in corporations' bests interests, allowing garbage to be placed on grocers and pharmacists shelves. The EPA smiles upon shallow EIS's, allowing all manner of environmental wreckage. The DoD is a band of thieves that would take every American's very last dime to increase their power to act upon their deadly delusions of world dominance.

I don't want to write to Congress many times a day to ask them to stop stomping on us, but if I and hundreds of thousands of others hadn't, things would be far worse. The relentless shake-down has to end, and the best way for that to happen is to let those most informed on any given government or corporate crime-in-progress is to let those closest to the particular crime speak up without fear of reprisal.

You're waging wars on lies. Constricting rights on lies. Skewing distribution of wealth on lies. Nearly everything you do is a lie. Let us tell the truth and protect each other. We're all we've got, despite your oaths and fiduciary responsibilities to us.