Subject: File No. S7-33-10

November 17, 2010

Your's is not an easy task. To make sense of projected outcomes not yet undertaken or finalized. The floury of doomsayers and some privatears wanting less, or more, from these provisions. I see your mission as one to protect those who DO NOT write to you. For they will vastly outnumber those of us interested enough or powerfully vested enough in the outcome of this legislation to write you.
For my two cents, I believe in the wisdom of the Committee members creating these provisions. Something MUST change in the mindset of corporate America. This greed, this unadulterated greed, must somehow be stopped. These provisions provide a potent counter to protect those innocent investors who otherwise believe ethics and morals are standards followed, while they are being undermined. Lets protect the Sharon Watsons' and Matthew Lees'. By rewarding those stepping forward we can put a damper on these practices and hopefully, hopefully, prevent another Enron or Lehman by nipping wrongdoing in the bud.
Be BOLD, protect the many small investors who stand to lose everything from errant management. Those that have little voice in this fight but so very much to lose.
Thank you for your time. Respectfully; E. F. Dougovito