Subject: File No. S7-33-10
From: Marv H. Eatinger
Affiliation: retired investor

November 3, 2010

Is this just more rhetoric by a federal government agency?

If you go to and read message board for Daleco Resources Corp symbol DLOV posts by "virgule" and message board for Regency Affiliates, Inc. symbol RAFI posts by "virgule", you will find a road map to public corporation FRAUD that I have submitted to the SEC for the last 9 years associated with Regency Affiliates, Inc. and for the last 20 years associated with Daleco Resources Corp. As of November 3, 2010 neither of the above mentioned public companies and affiliates and associates has ever been prosecuted

I question just how serious the SEC is with this Whistleblower Submit Comments on File No. S7-33-10 request???

Marv Eatinger