Subject: File No. S7-31-08
From: R. J. Moncuse

October 17, 2008

Disclosure of Short Sales and Short Positions by Institutional Investment Managers

What took you so long.

This is a good start. Buy only a start. If the SEC doesn't finally get control of the blatant abuse of the American Investment Public that is Naked Short Selling, then the whole of our financial markets will be destroyed.

I've been a active investor for forty years. I can not even begin to tell you how disgusted I am with the SEC regarding your absolute failure to enforce your own rules regarding Failure to Deliver. The SHO list you've promulgated it the most cruel of the jokes played on the American Public in the history of the SEC.

Reinstate the "Uptick" rule NOW and begin forcing the ghouls who are counterfeiting the "phantom" NSS shares to either deliver or face criminal enforcement. Quit being accomplice to this outright stealing from the savings and retirement accounts of Americans and the destruction of our industries.

Very Sincerely,

R. J. Moncuse