Subject: File No. S7-31-08
From: thomas vanyo

December 2, 2008


At the present time, the exchanges report only the long trades (buy, sell)on the tape and "time and sales" transaction for reporting services. (reuters,etc)

What they don't report is the short sale or buy to cover, in real time.

The shorts have a great advantage in that the short sale on a stock is not reported "when it happens". (real time)
There is no reason that the short sale or the buy to cover cannot be reported in real time, just like the long trades. (buy,sell)
Our technology will allow it, why doesn't it happen?
The ticker on the tape would look like this:

s3000T (short 3000 ATT)

bc3000T (buy to cover 3000 ATT)

At the end of the trading day, all the trades should be reported, including short sales and short covering.

T vol 3,699,700 s197,200 bc34,000

It would also be easy to keep a running total of the shares short.

tss678,534 (total shares short)

This is one way to level the playing field with the shorts.
This is full disclosure