Subject: File No. S7-31-08
From: mark stone
Affiliation: Financial Sales

November 25, 2008

first: How do you justify burying this PROPOSED rule under interim final rules?

Second: Why are you not disclosing short positions? How does disclosing a short position, two weeks old put at risk the "investors" (aka hedge funds)? There are no disclosure rules regarding to the down side of a trade, but volumes regarding long trades? Why the imbalance?

Please disclose the short positions of Market makers, investors, traders, hedge funds and everybody on a daily basis or else give reasons why you never disclosed in the past and why you do not want to disclose in the future.

Third: Please explain why the SEC is afraid of disclosing even historic short positions? Are there too many short positions? Not enough shares to substantiate the positions? Please clarify

Fourth: How do you all still have jobs? In most industries, incompetence tends to lead towards unemployment. Or, is it that you are doing what you are being paid for...