Subject: File No. S7-31-08
From: edward i pelczarski, III

October 17, 2008

As an american I am disgusted that the sec chose not to disclose to the public the names of large short position holders "until research is done".

this is a travisty to our system, the sec, and our country.

I am the shareholder of a small rd company BCON, Beacon Power, that has been under attack of a large short (probably naked) position and it would seem being engineered by several "buddy hedge funds".

how else is a true american supposed to take the news that the SEC "SOLD OUT" to the hedge funds, is there any other excuse that can be made for not letting them "hide".

Even professionals of the stock market say that if a large long position should have to report holdings SO SHOULD the other side.

I hope that reason and integrity comes back to the SEC.

Ed Pelczarski