Subject: File No. S7-30-11
From: Mark A Mc Donnell

July 21, 2011

Please let retail forex trading continue with no changes. Changing forex trading to 50:1 leverage had no basis of any kind and we were all railroaded into this one.

Myself and my clients use the forex to make trading profits from. We understand the forex and enjoy trading it. The liquidity is good, the market is much better to trade than US stocks or options, which the SEC is already go their nose in and has no track record of protecting anybody.

Just stay out of the forex. Leave forex traders alone, get out of our lives. Leave the brokers alone. Why not ask forex traders what we need instead of telling us what we need. SEC just needs to leave things alone, they cannot do their current job correctly and this has been proven time and time again all the way through the last meltdown.

Mark Mc Donnell