Subject: File No. S7-02-09
From: Roy James

March 11, 2009

Now you take your time, under the pretence of trying to bring in regulation to protect the investor, to allow us to comment before implimentation. The SEC did not seek our opinion to de-regulate. You never got permission to allow Wall St., DTCC and your other crooked friends to steal all you could from the unsuspecting investors who thought you were on their side. The SEC., DTCC and Fed. Res. has been a joke. Please stop wasting valuable time and get something done for the investors.
All CMKM diamond and shareholders of many other stocks need to be paid immediately for the fraud commited against them by your agency. Approprate sound regulation should be in place and working. Bring an end to Naked Short Selling (COUNTERFEITING).
Call it what it is and please get this mess cleaned up.