Subject: File No. S7-02-09
From: Didrik P Stene

March 12, 2009

Are the NAKED SHORTED SHARES of all the damaged companies like CMKX - CMKM DIAMONDS INC included in these CDS's?

Will the SEC finally address the Large Naked Shorted Share holdings that are out there?
Why have the SEC been in denial of this gigantic NSS problem for all these years?

The company I invested in, CMKM Diamonds, under the #8220watchful eye#8221 of the SEC, ended up being the Largest Naked Shorted Stock in the history of the Stock Market. We have documented evidence indicating the stock was oversold nine times the total outstanding shares. This equates to more than 6.3 Trillion Naked Shorted Shares... 6.3 Trillion shares that were counterfeited UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYE OF THE SEC

Also, when the Naked Shorting was going on with CMKX the stock was trading under one dollar and should therefore not be allowed to be shorted at all.

Please start doing the job you were hired to do:
Making investment in the US stock market safe from thieves and criminals that have until now stolen trillions of dollars from the common investor.

Didrik Stene,

Damaged CMKX shareholder.