Subject: File No. 3-11771

March 6, 2009

Hello Folks,

I know that you folks get hit hard on alot of crazy questions, so I will limit mine. But does this have anything to do with CMKX? If so, my question is when? Been waiting for 7 years, now kinda getting tired of all this stuff of when?? I do know one thing after seven years on this stock and if it takes 70 more years I will still be here. When I do something wrong, thats against the law. You and I both know that jail is in the near future, and a fine is going to happen. So what makes the difference if and when the big guys get caught doing wrong? If it is against us, then we should egt damages also. Alot of good folks promoted this stock, ie Robert Mauhe, Roger Glen, (sec lawyer) etc. And knights security letter didn't help matters either, on all the wrong doing that was going on. With 22 Billion shares being traded, Ray Charles seen that this was all wrong, when trading stocks. Well, I hope that yes we do get paid for wrong doing, maybe these folks can now see that even the little guy can make a difference. The US Army, help me for 22.5 years to be patience and it work, with even trading stocks. I hope That you all will look hard at NSS, because it is just right down wrong. Plus the market will not stop doing what it is doing now as we speak!! MM'S will trade, make there money and move on, they all have been burnt, and it will take years to recover. Now just think, if everyone really new what was going on or new about NSS, WOULD YOU PUT YOUR HARD EARN DOLLARS IN THE MARKET? i DON'T THINK SO!! Pay the CMKX SHAREHOLDERS, SHOW AMERICA TAHT THE MARKET IF FAIR!! Thank you!!