Subject: File No. S7-30-08
From: Patrick Bennett

October 17, 2008

1) NSS is not sudden and acute as they describe it, it is a chronic sickness
2) NSS schemes focus specifically on the biotech field because of the ample opportunity for FUD given the highly technical nature of the clinical trial-biotstatistics-medical science nature of the news flow for this sector, enabling NSS pros to easily use short/distort schemes. Therefore the SEC should focus now on the RegSHO biotech stocks and investigate and prosecute immediately the criminal hedgies shorting DNDN with NSS.
3) Financial journalists and financial analysts e.g. maged, joe pantyless, asskiss and others along with our friends at Cramer et al., are part of the scheme and should be prosecuted
4) collusion is a big part of the game
5) shareholders have little to no recourse, thus, SEC needs to prosecute vigorously
6) confidence in the fairness of the US market has deteriorated, and w/o headline SEC prosecution of illegal hedge fund activity, no one in the world will trust the NYSE, NASDAQ or any other US based stock market
7) The case of illegal NSS in Dendreon would be a perfect poster child example for the SEC, showing the vile nature of hedge funds who would try to destroy a company which is curing cancer, and restoring signficicant public support for the SEC.