Subject: File No. S7-30-08
From: Michael Kushner

October 21, 2008

The attachment enclosed will be sent out as a letter in next two weeks to 5000 law makers, law enforcement agents.and agencies and investigative journalists, as my contribution to a grass roots initiative to help create the critically mass, leaving congress no choice but to act on the necessity for congressional hearings to empower and compel the SEC to stop naked shorting once and for all through not only an across the board permanent and clearly defined moratorium on selling counterfeit stock shares, but with indictments and prosecutions and to make sure those hedge fund managers who looted the American investor be held accountable and their ill-gotten gains. Also FBI should step up their investigations where the current law applies so we can see prosecutions and the ill- gotten gains of hedge fund managers who looted the investors in American stocks, be repossessed and be delivered to the stock holders of the companies devastated by this fraudulent practice. I of course argue that none of the bail out money reward funds that where engaged in naked short selling, short selling on insider information, market manipulation, or risky and fiduciary irresponsible investment vehicles such as derivatives etc.