Subject: File No. S7-30-08
From: Richard Daley

October 18, 2008

But there is no need. Just enforce the laws that are presently on the books.
Naked short selling, watering stock, counterfeiting shares, is all covered in the Act of 1934. Just eliminate the sweetheart regulations that counteracted the Act of 1934. Why toady to illicit hedgefund activity by making what they do acceptable. JUST ENFORCE THE LAWS and we wouldn't have such bastardized financial markets. My God, I have been sick watching nothing being done for 4 years. Now look at the result. Good job Mr. Cox. Resign now if you have any principle.
Now that you have changed the regulations.............ENFORCE THEM.
Prosecute where necessary NOW and not a day later. You have PLENTY of evidence. Why are stocks on the Reg SHO list year after year?
Do something NOW

Rich Daley