Subject: File No. S7-02-09
From: Chad Andrews

March 21, 2009

I am an inexperienced investor who got caught in a game between big brokerages and the SEC. CMKX has been naked shorted, we have company officials that wont talk to us or tell us the truth, and we have the SEC that knew all along what was going on, but refused to do anything to help the shareholders. I am so sick of the government let brokerages get away with murder by just slapping small fines on them. The amount of the fines you put on these guys is nothing compared to the money they made before you came along. Now you have approx. 50,000 shareholders that have tried every angle to get help from the SEC, the company, the OIG, congressmen, etc... And nobody will tell us the answers to our questions. I dont have a lot of money to go and hire an attorney to seek out the proper answers. We know teh SEC knows more than what they have told us. Why did the SEC allow CMKX to continue trading when they knew there was wrongdoing ongoing? Many questions and many Non answers. There was a grand jury appointed to look into our case.....we havent heard from them. Yet, in the end, the Madoff case got busted wide open, he was prosecuted, and now the harmed people are getting paid......yet we have waited in CMKX for 5 years. THe government seems to be run by the criminals. I, and many others have lost all faith in what we thought was a government that was here to protect us.