Subject: File No. S7-28-07
From: B. W. Atkins

February 18, 2008

Excellent Idea
A Mutual Fund company I currently am invested in does have much of the information you are suggesting, available for all their funds, in a small booklet: Vanguard's FACTS ON FUNDS. It is incredibly useful for unsophisticated investors, like me, as an aid in choosing a divested portfolio from many different types of funds and investing strategies.

Presenting it as a separate summary, either online and/or by mail, is a very useful concept ... it enables the potential investor to have detailed information prior to commiting to a purchase.

It's probably most useful if available separately from the Prospectus as a valuable tool for initially researching whether to invest in a particular fund to determine if it matches the investor's limits and/or needs.

And it should contain a comparison to its Actual benchmark index. Stating the fees and performance (both pre- and post- fee costs) are also useful.

Please help all us "non-Economics majors" to make more intellegent decisions by passing this proposed three-page summary.

Thank You