Subject: File No. S7-28-07
From: Richard K Hopkins

February 15, 2008

Hi... I have invested in common stocks/bonds/mutual funds/options etc for decades. I have been in T Rowe Price funds since around 1978; vanguard since 1979;Mutual Shares, Scudder, Janus, Fidelity etc. I agree in general with reducing the size of the prospectus. But, a performance comparison to a non-relevant benchmark index is ludicrous. A small cap fund must be compared to a small cap index etc. Folks need some protection from harm in the docs. Possibly 5-6 pages will do the trick and cost funds no more than to mail 3-4 pages proposed. Otherwise the document will be irrelevant and M F Companies have a vested interest in giving out too little info. All costs must be clearly outlined as well as the performance before and after tax. At least the top 10 or 20 holdings should be listed to give one some idea of what the target holdings are. No doubt the current doc is too voluminous and not read in full, but without the data I outlined I would not invest and I opened another M F account as recent as last Thursday. Keep in mind some over 60 folk do not have i-net access. Richard K Hopkins