Subject: File No. S7-28-07
From: Dan Meador

February 12, 2008

Overall this is a great idea, but it could use a little more detail

Showing results against the SP results seems of little value. If its an emerging market fund, investors should be shown an emerging market index same as if it were commodities, growth, Russell 2K, etc. The idea is for investors to see how the fund did in a comparable environment.

I wouldn't mind seeing 12 or 14 of the top investments since searching through an entire prospectus can be tedious.

If the idea is to make it easier for a novice investor, ideas like each funds place in the market could be good. A simple graph or pie chart can show what percentage of the overall market each fund includes.

A sector breakdown would be nice in the first few pages as well. (Or at least the top 5 sectors with percentages.)