Subject: File No. S7-27-09
From: Matt K

December 28, 2009

Dark pools-Just the given name should be enough to know they are wrong and should be done away with. One guarantee for sure, is that they are a way for the ones who operate them to hide the ways they manipulate the prices of stocks to their benefit and the real persons detriment. Price manipulation of any kind should be reason for jail and or fines and complete banishment from future participation in the markets of any type by any and all in a company at all levels with no exceptions. We are constantly told how the markets use fair pricing and fair participation standards to create level and fair playing fields. When dark pools are allowed to exist, this fairness is not anywhere present. Besides the unethical and immoral practice these dark pools cause and promote in the markets, they also allow for the hidden gains the owners of them receive to avoid the taxes the visible participants are forced to pay. How is this fair at all, in any form or amount? It is not. Period. The dark pools and any incarnation of them the owners of them come up with in the future must be outlawed with punishments mentioned above or harsher. With statutes that allow for ease of prosecution of offenders. These dark pools and their likes have caused the largest bubbles and their eventual bursting in the markets that has always provided the benefits to the owners and the losses to the individual. Always. Where is the fairness in that?