Subject: File No. S7-27-07
From: Kiralynne Schilitubi
Affiliation: Professor of English

January 25, 2008

File No. S7-27-07

Mechanisms to Access Disclosures Relating to Business activities in or With Countries Designated as State Sponsors of Terrorism

I am reading a lot of fancy comments, a lot of legalese gibberish printed on fancy letterhead with a lot of fancy footnotes. I am reading many working at impressing with fancy titles and working at clouding this issue with fancy doublespeak.

I am also reading many writing of tarnished corporate reputations, blacklisting and unilateral actions by our American government.

This clear message I am reading from those many is simply this,

"Corporate profits are more valuable than are human lives."

I find this attitude of the many to be morally abhorrent. No amount of corporate profit is more valuable than a single human life. These are people playing right into the hands of terrorists. These are people working at defeating our efforts to protect peoples of our world.

Thomas P. DiNapoli, State Comptroller of New York, shares a very important message. He writes, in part,

"Finally, I believe that investors bear a responsibility to evaluate the information contained in companies' reports independently and base their investment decisions on their individual assessments and tolerance for risk."

I fully support his attitude and his notion is much in keeping with my prior suggestion of companies making quarterly filings disclosing any direct or indirect dealings with state sponsors of terrorism. We stock traders and we stock investors are more than capable of looking over disclosures, then arriving at prudent and informed decisions. We do not need the SEC to be burdened with making judgement calls. We do the SEC to provide information upon which the public can make freewill decisions, without corporate censorship to protect corporate profits.

Our decisions are ours to make. I strongly oppose those many who are adamantly demanding there be no disclosures because of concerns about company reputations and corporate profits. These are people who clearly place little or no value upon human lives.

I am an Oklahoma farm girl and an American Indian. I am raised to speak truthfully and raised to speak directly to the point. Given half a chance, terrorists will detonate a nuclear weapon in Washington, D.C. or in London, maybe in Paris, Moscow, Seoul or even the Vatican. Are we to risk the lives of hundreds of thousands, are we to risk the well being of millions, for the sake of corporate profits?

Terrorists have declared war upon all peoples of our world. The only goal of terrorists is to kill us and to cause the highest body count possible. We are at war. Every defensive action possible must be taken even if an action is considered unfair.

Rather appalling to read fancy titled people writing on fancy letterhead, using fancy doublespeak to send a message,

"Corporate profits are more valuable than are human lives."

This type of thinking directly led to four-hundred years of genocide against my peoples.


Okpulot Taha
Choctaw Nation