Subject: File No. S7-27-07
From: Josh shainberg
Affiliation: SEC watcher

November 19, 2007

It is about time that the SEC stepped up and finally requested acknowledgement that money laundering exists within the investment community. A main source of this terrorism funding occurs with investors purchasing securities from companies that do business with these five countries. of course, many of these stocks just sell insider shares to unsusspecting buyers and then take those monies and invest in these countries activities, as well. Finally, the SEC should be investigating all those securities that have overseas countries as HQ's or do business with. this is the real source of 'front' money. Almost all these terrorist directed funds do not go directly into a company that openly states they do business with 'Cuba' etc. They divert the funds through bahamas, cayman islands, Switzerland, etc. it is impossible to investigate all these type contracts as that would depict 10% of all the public traded companies. So, here is my suggestion just investigate the companies that are obviously dealing with the five countries first.