Subject: S7-26-18
From: Steven Gary

July 7, 2019


Dear SEC, 

Thank you for this opportunity.  I am a small time stock holder, but one thing I don't admire about the system is shorting stock, especially with young promising start up companies that have gone public.  It promotes unsubstantiated rumors of failure or inflated ideas of big price increases that hurt the stability and support of new ideas. 

Also the quarterly earnings report puts undue pressure on companies to put short term profits over long term development.  It leads to more volatility in the market. 

And finally I don't like it that CEO's are paid in stock options rather than a salary.  This causes CEO's to try to manipulate stock in the company for short term profits rather than long term development.  They often buy up shares to make the price go up which doesn't help society, just increases their salary. 

I would like to see regulations developed that regulate short selling, increase the time between earnings reports, and change the way CEO's are paid back to salary. 
Thank you. 

Steven Gary