Subject: Comment on File Number S7-26-18
From: Karl Weston

Dec. 18, 2018

Re: Proposed Rulemaking on Public Company Reporting Requirements File Number S7-26-18

I am strongly in favor of allowing companies more flexibility in periodic reporting and have 4 suggestions I would like the SEC Commissioners to consider: 

1. I would request reporting be kept at a minimum of every 6 months for investor protection; 

2. A company should be able to elect from the following timetable for periodic reporting:
2X a Year
3X a Year
4X a Year;

3. If a company elects 2X or 3X a year reporting, then they should have to file with the SEC a statement and provide information to the public to justify the reduced reporting requirements. For example if they are not making acquisitions or if there are not significant material changes projected in their operations; and 

4. If reduced periodic reporting is implemented then the public companies would need clarity in guidance regarding filings using form 8-K. I don’t think reducing periodic reporting should result in greater 8-K filings. 

We need to reduce administrative costs for public companies. There is too much focus on short term trends/results. 

Thank you for all of your hard work in working in protecting investors and also in working to reduce costs to public companies. 

Karl Weston