October 9, 2008

For the love of GOD!!!!! Are you folks THAT thoroughly corrupt or have you completely anesthetized yourselves and are denying the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!!!!! One trading day into dropping prohibitive short sales and the market shudders and begins crumbling again in an accelerating slide. PLEASE GIVE THE RETAIL STOCKHOLDER SOME RELIEF !!!! ---NAKED SHORT SELLING IS A --CRIME!!!!!! The only way to prevent it is to REINSTATE THE UPTICK RULE IMMEDIATELY OR BETTER YET JUST MANDATE AN ACROSS THE BOARD MARKET REVOCATION OF THE RIGHT TO SHORT ------ANY----STOCK.
DO SOMETHING!!! BEFORE WE START BRINGING THE GUILLOTINES OUT OF STORAGE!!! You may all wish to read the history of the French Revolution....I hope to be appointed a "director" during the Second American Revolution of 2010. Really....we dont have any Cake.
John D. Eggers