Subject: File No. S7-26-08
From: Tim Zanni

February 19, 2009

As an investor in our "casino" I find it very disturbing that shorts have a free ride. With the uncertainty in our economy many people are forced to sell because short sellers continue to attack without any roadblock in place. I for one am one of these investors who are forced to sell.

The stock price has nothing to do with a willing buyer and willing seller. Who wants to invest if they know multi million/billion dollar hedgefunds are going to "bear raid" a certain stock or sector and have nothing stand in its way. Without the UPTICK RULE IN PLACE......our market is nothing more then a game.

As a long term investor I am beginning to question if its worth investing in our stock market. The odds are stacked against real investors. In time the government will realize this. Generations of investors will walk away and will be unwilling to invest in this "casino".

Whats a real shame, real people who have worked hard their entire lives just to see investments wipred out at the mercy of hedgefunds using illegal trading activitie.

And whats real sad, nothing is done about NAKED SHORT SELLING. Everyone knows it takes place. Yet nothing is done about it.