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The following Letter Type A, or variations thereof, was submitted by individuals or entities.

Letter Type A:

1 - The SEC should enact a PERMANENT ban on ALL short selling in US markets

2- The SEC should enact a PERMANENT ban on sale of all stock market put options

3 - The SEC should PERMANENTLY halt trading in all short and ultrashort stock market ETFs

4 - The SEC should institute these changes immediately without any further warning for maximum impact

5 - The SEC should go to the US government and request mandatory reporting of short selling activity in foreign markets and application of economic sanctions upon countries where significant abuses continue

6 - (NEW) The SEC should ban mark-to-market accounting for instruments for which there is no orderly market

It is high time to declare war on -- and financially ruin -- those -- who through abusive short selling in all its nefarious guises -- are ruining the US economy for their own private gain.



Modified: 01/06/2009