Subject: File No. S7-26-08
From: Tony F.

October 17, 2008

1. Nothing like taking YEARS to promulgate "new" rules

2. Loved it that the SEC has failed to enforce the EXISTING rules

3. Are you going to STRICTLY ENFORCE the new rules?

4. NOTHING new about abusive short selling--it's been chronic and YOU have ignored it.

5. NOTHING new about FTD's - it's been chronic and YOU have ignored it.

6. Why haven't you investigated Jim Cramer; he posted almost a year ago a video on the net talking about how HE and his firm naked shorted?

7. Why hasn't the SEC looked into the naked short selling and FTD's for Dendreon Corporation which has been reported to you many times?

This company is developing a potential prostate cancer treatment and its success can also lead to treatments for other cancers such as colon, ovarian and breast.

8. What does the SEC not allow Joe 6-pack small retail investor the same level playing field as the big guys you appear to be in bed with?

Please, put some teeth into your enforcement... don't give a $500,000 fine for a scheme that netted $10,000,000.... doing so just allows the crooks to consider the 1/2 million 'fine' a cost of doing business and they still net 9 1/2 million

Tony F
Virginia Beach, VA