Subject: support of File No. S7-26-07

December 5, 2007

Dear Ms. Nancy M. Morris:

I am writing in support of File No. S7-26-07. If this is adopted it would allow licensed real estate brokers to be paid for their real estate expertise in securitized Tenant-in-Common (TIC) transactions. Have an experienced, licensed Real Estate practitioner would be in the best interest of the general public.

In my experience, the client who look at these type of investments are generally older and are looking for a real estate investment that is safe with no management involved and pays a return. Who better to guide these individuals then their Real Estate broker with whom a relationship has been established.

If you have questions about my recommendations, please email me or call me at 303-443-224o.

Thank you

Eric R Rutherford, MBA
Commercial/Investment Broker
Wright Kingdom