Subject: File No. S7-26-07
From: Michael G Steinthal, Mr

November 28, 2007

Overall-I think this is a serious deviation from
the existing norms of prudent securitie protections
to the Public-There is an old Arab Provberb"once
the Camel has his nose in the tent,the rest of him
will follow" this it appears to me will dilute
the Rules and Regulations that have been promugated
to create fair play-All this is is about the money
It is ludicrous to assume that the typical Commercial
Agent is competent and non-biased in passing judgement
on a Complex $100,000,000 plus Transaction,let alone
a 1031 Oil Gas Trasaction-or the Nuances of
a Delaware Statutory Trust-Does one need a Real-
Estate Agent to purchase a Real-Estate Investment Trust??
If they want Commissions,have them get Licensed,I would
caution the SEC to think about this carefully-once the
box is open-----------------