Subject: File No. s7-26-07
From: Aaron Evans
Affiliation: NewOption Partners

November 26, 2007

Dear Ms. Nancy M. Morris:

I am writing in support of File No. S7-26-07 which, if adopted, would allow licensed real estate brokers to be compensated for their real estate expertise in securitized Tenant-in-Common (TIC) transactions.

I agree that the Commercial Real Estate Professional should have "substantial experience in commercial real estate". Commercial brokers should be allowed to be compensated and assist in the buying and selling of tenant in common investments, the requirements to obtain a real estate license and be supervised by a managing broker are more than sufficient to justify dealing in these types of investments. It should also be a requirement that any broker always recommending that a client seek proper legal counsel in any transaction.

Thank you,

Aaron Evans
NewOption Partners
1007 Pearl St., Ste. 200
Boulder, CO 80302