Subject: File No. s7-26-07
From: Larry Ackerman
Affiliation: Commercial West Real Estate Inc.

November 23, 2007

I am writing in support of File No. S7-26-07.

I am a commercial real estate broker with 30 years of experience. Recently a client of mine wanted to pursue and investment in a tenants-in-common (TIC) being offered by a securities sales person. This client asked me to review all of the material, which is very voluminous, and give my opinion on the transaction. I did review the material and attended presentations from the securities sales person to my client. Because this was in essence a "real estate transaction" I felt I was able to give more meaningful answers than the securities sales person gave to my client. My client did invest in one of the TIC investments. I did not ask for a fee from this client because of my other real estate transactions with this client over the years. I do feel, however, I should have been paid a portion of the securities broker's fee and I feel that professional real estate people should be involved in these transaction.

Larry Ackerman, Broker
1767-A Denver West Boulevard
Golden, CO 80401