Subject: File No. S7-26-07
From: Doug Adams
Affiliation: Realtor

November 16, 2007

This appears to be a good thing for Realtors. I do not, however, feel that we (Realtors) should be forced to be "agents" of the buyer. I do not feel that we should be legally responsible for someone else's decision. Therefore, my suggestion is to open this requirement to allow for "transaction broker" representation. Further, I do NOT believe we should be able to close the transaction for the client.

I also, although better for me, do not see anywhere that eliminates receiving a commission in addition to the "Real Estate Advisory Fee". Thus two checks for the same work. This may be regulated elsewhere that I am unaware of.

Lastly, as a member of NAR, and that NAR is presenting this request, I believe the education requirements are ample. As far as other (non NAR) cetifications...If they feel they are qualified then they can petition the SEC at a later time.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this.