Subject: Accredited Investor Amendment
From: Neal Reasland

Feb. 05, 2020

Please consider me in favor of a complete overhaul of the definition of an Accredited Investor. Like the SEC, I share concerns about predators taking advantage of the general public with raising capital. There remains a tough decision on how to protect people and I respect your decisions to do so. I would also encourage you to consider options that do not simultaneously seem to suggest that people who haven't amassed wealth are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions. I certainly hope that considerations would be made to allow more people to take part in the great process of investing and risk-taking in various ideas and improvements that could truly benefit humanity. This is the very thing that has made America one of the greatest nations in history and surely more participation in it by a broader group that just the rich, though it has risks, is of great benefit to our country. Is there a reason highly educated and law-abiding citizens should be excluded? Should the system not include the opportunity for people to take full responsibility for their actions while not simultaneously favoring the rich? I think this is why you have started this process, but I'd just ask that you do not stop at the financial class. Why would we not be allowed to take responsibility for my actions for better or worse? 


Neal Reasland