Subject: Accredited Investor Definitions
From: Matthew Youngs

Feb. 04, 2020

RE:  Public Comment for Update Accredited Investor Definition

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for considering an update to the Accredited Investor Definition.
This is greatly needed.  I appreciate the effort as it allows more people to
access investments currently reserved only for millionaires and other rich

The new definitions expands that but seemingly only to those with
credentials such as investment advisors or those doing work for others.  I
do not hold any series 7, 65, or 82 licenses.  I am not employed as a
stockbroker.  I want to only make investment decisions for myself.  I have
extensive investment experience, especially as related to tech investments.
Not all education is formal from an accredited institution.  In fact a lot
technology training programs are not from accredited universities.  I'm
young, 35 years old, smart, knowledgeable, and experienced in my field.  I
assert I can make a better investment decision for something in my field
than someone simply qualifying on the basis of being a millionaire.

I urge you to expand the definition to include people like me---a person
with experience and knowledge of making investments.  I do not need the
government to protect me from myself.  I would like to be able to certify
myself, prove through a SEC provided test that I am a capable of
understanding the risks associated, or otherwise obtain a designation that
would allow me to invest.

Respectfully submitted,
Matthew Youngs