Subject: Accredited Investor Definition to Increase Access to Investments
From: Ryan Carpel

December 18, 2019

A lot of investors lie about being an accredited investor. And, they proceed 
anyway into the accredited investor investment anyway. Therefore, this whole 
notion of being accredited is really a mirage in many cases. Under our constitution 
we are allowed freedom of speech. Buying of securities is a right of being an American 
similarly to voting and exercising freedom of speech. 

 When one buys or sells securities they are voting in favor or against the company.  
There should be no branded type of investor class of securities that are off limits 
to people of lesser means or educational experience. Who are we to judge. 
This is a archaic way of dividing people and demeaning them. 
Securities licenses don't make someone more knowledgeable than a person with 
a PHD in finance.  Considering the whole test is multiple choice and registered reps 
forget a lot of the material afterwards. 

This is absolutely something that should be abolished.