Subject: stop naked short selling-stop short selling-re institue the up tick rule

October 11, 2008

I ask you to end naked short selling permanently. You cannot be as stupid as you appear. First, you blatantly ignore the laws about the illegality of this process and allow Wall Street firms and hedge funds to do what they will, all outside the law, which YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO ENFORCE. Second, you declare the Wall Street Banks and other CHOSEN FAVORITE Companies to be protected from this activity and simple shorting, which CLEARLY DEMONSTRATES YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THIS ILLEGAL PROCESS. YOU ARE CORRUPT and DISHONEST, and you are protecting others by using the power of The SEC in a dishonest and illegal manner. I await the arrest and imprisonment of the thieves and dishonest public servants employed under the cover of the SEC. Christopher Cox appears to be a crook and the rest of those involved in the SEC appear to be underlings and cronies, who are as dishonest as the Hedge fund and investment bankers that the regulate. All are a part of one big conspiracy feeding off the public and without morals or ethics. Who has paid you off? How much money have you received? What special favors or job awaits you upon retirement. Somewhere out in America there is an attorney or a Federal Agent who will arrest and prosecute you for the crimes that you have committed. You have only one chance left-Enforce the laws against naked short selling and re institute the up tick rule or you will be taken down with the other crooks in Gov., who hide under the ole-boy Ivy League network.