Subject: File No. S7-25-08
From: Sergio Daverio

October 9, 2008

Oct 9, 2008



We are at the end.

Free market may be positive, whitin limits, but in this way all the world has been wasted. There is not any more a difference betwen real trade and joke. All this is destroing the real economy.

STOP !!!

Wall street and all trades arond the world loses --- All worldwide common people hears on journals, television only disasters, and so they are induced to save, save . to go back.. Economic development, industry, became suffering.

The first and indispensable step, still before of bailouts, has to be "trading rules".

I think:

(1) Abolition of "target prices" from Banks and indipendent rating (paid) organizations.

(2) Target and Support price have to issue ONLY from local trade istitution. Wall Street, Deutsche Boerse, ecc.

(3) In coerence at the above, has to be fixed a "REAL stock median value of the company" and the median line of value may be sold or overperformed within a fixed margin, (ex. max. +25% /- 25%)
I underline: 25% not on former day trading quote, but 25% on real stock company value.
Of corse, has to be set a criterium to determine the real value, based on company results and trends
Any heavy speculation would be so discouraged.

Today, we see good companies, eccellent business results, but sold, sold by speculation, This is not acceptable. This causes damages to real traders, to economy, to all the world. This is delinquence. Solar sector is clear example of the above.

Kindest Regards,
Sergio Daverio