Subject: File No. S7-24-16

April 19, 2021

17 CFR Part 240
Release No. 34-91603 IC-34246 File No. S7-24-16
RIN 3235-AL84
Reopening of Comment Period for Universal Proxy
AGENCY: Securities and Exchange Commission.
ACTION: Reopening of comment period.

I Believe by not having a universal proxy I.D.
Gives companies power by not letting Shareholders vote. They are able to suppressing the minority vote, majority votes to manipulate the process by not contacting every shareholder, or by using the phrase only the shareholders of record need vote. Then to contradict your demands by saying vote counts. There should not be stipulation on share holders voting no matter the satiation. If they are the rights holders of the shares they vote. Is that logical enough for everyone? You shall not be able to suppress anyone who can run against for that matter. Without inclusion of all that would make it possible for clean seat. Every one is talking about a little compotation never hurt. Well send the share holder their personal
prospectus, let them vote their own way confidential. That my comrades goes with the saying out with the old and in with the new blood. Instead of intimating shareholders. Threating loss of return. Keep up the unfair treatment and you just find yourselves in the middle of a hostile take over. Universal # are the way to go. SEC pretty sure you realize these Corps. Companies are not communicating with all their holders they are finding loop holes its time to plug the wholes. I can name 40 at this present moment who are breaking the rules or, have in the past 60 days sounds to me there should be another Audit. Hold on to the seats very tight play fair or we shall not.