Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: George Hoffman

March 25, 2020

This proposed rule and its associated changes/restrictions is generally bad for investors, causes unnecessary red tape and delays investor access to these type of funds, as well as sets a dangerous precedent for future offerings and investor interest in such instruments
As a mathematician who researched these types of leveraged investments in detail before deciding they were appropriate for me, I wholeheartedly support them as instruments available to the general public/investors. I am well aware of the inherent risks and I have personally enjoyed the benefits of leveraged equity mutual funds, that I would not have been able to enjoy if they were not offered
I understand your motivations to protect the ignorant and stupid investors out there who simply want to complain in general whenever they have lost money in their investments. Furthermore, they want to blame somebody else under the pretext that they were taken advantage of, when in reality, they just cant admit to their own greed and avoidance of assessing the risks In reality, the overwhelming majority of people on this planet cant do middle school algebra so why would anybody or the SEC expect them to actually read a prospectus or understand the potential risk of any investment, much less leveraged equities and inverse mutual funds.
As such, I implore the SEC not to pursue your proposed changes and continue to allow these investment alternatives to exist I argue in favor of this point of view, while acknowledging that I am currently way down from earlier highs in the current market Again, I understood the risks when I elected voluntarily to invest in my current leveraged equities
Moreover, I do not want to see the SEC impose a TAF type of penalty that is currently forced upon people who like to invest in similar high risk penny stocks I strongly implore the SEC to remove the TAF penalty to further encourage more investments in this country to help us all recover from the current recession due to the coronavirus, bad press, and other contributing factors
Please contact me, if you would like to hear more from a very concerned investor and patriotic supporter of this great country, the United States of America, which was ostensibly built on free enterprise principles (for the intelligent life in this country, as well as all the idiots too)