Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Timothy Krokowski

March 25, 2020

I appreciate the federal government in any effort to protect its' citizens from detrimental circumstances. I also would like a reciprocal appreciation from the federal government to respect my inalienable right as a taxpaying citizen of the United States of America to happiness (While the right to the pursuit of happiness may not be stated outright in the Constitution, the Supreme Court has, and continues to recognize this right, and to protect the many freedoms it encompasses) by not taking away my right to choose how I invest my money in a manner I have done my due diligence to confirm this is a solid investment process for my future. Especially since leveraged and inverse mutual funds have allowed me to retire earlier and with less money than is considered acceptable in the financial planning community. With the reduction of companies providing pensions now, I think it is more important than ever for products like these to be available to investor to make a reasonable retirement time horizon. In addition to a lack of pensions, many of the investors are getting late starts (40's and 50's are common occurrences in my research and personal experiences with friends/acquaintances) on their retirement and need products such as these to make it even possible to accomplish.

A strong indication of the importance of the inverse mutual funds (no personal experience with the inverse ETF's but I understand they work similarly) is how they provided an investment vehicle for people with short retirement horizons to continue growing their investment portfolio during the devastating effect of the corona virus (COVID-19) that created a free-falling market and economy. An investor, such as myself, that has done their due diligence and is informed of how these instruments perform through the different markets is able to make solid returns instead of losing 30 to 50% of their life's savings (that will take as long as another 10 years to recover based on similar devastating plunges in retirement accounts like the Tech Bubble Crash of 2000 and the Housing Market chaos of 2008) with the options left if these are deprived of our citizens.

I ask the Securities and Exchange Commission to not treat us like children, but adults, that are responsible for our own decisions and prefer the government concentrate its efforts protecting us from the things beyond our control like wars and epidemics and providing things like an excellent interstate network to foster commerce and communication between the states.

Thank You.


Tim Krokowski