Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Andreas Weitkamper

March 20, 2020

Dear SEC,
Proshares has made me aware of proposed regulation to prevent me and other non professional investors from using their leveraged ETFs.
I would be hard for me, if you would take away the benefits these ETFs offer or subject me to an evaluation by a third party , that does not have my best interest in mind and could prevent me from making my own investment decisions. Investing is inherently risky, leveraged or not.

I invest my retirement accounts on my own with professional guidance. I am fully aware of the risks involved and I therefore follow closely the markets, the economy and watch my accounts closely on an almost daily basis and I have used Proshares' leveraged ETFs very successfully to this day.
I have always taken responsibility for my choices and hope, that you will allow me to do so in the future. As an immigrant (now US citizen) from Europe I have always appreciated the opportunities and freedoms America has offered it's citizens.
Please do not take away these to me very important investment instruments.
Thank you