Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Richard Presser

March 19, 2020

I'm being informed that the SEC is considering regulations that could hinder a retail investors ability to invest in leveraged and inverse investment vehicles. I currently enjoy the unfettered ability to buy and sell such investments as well as their derivatives. These types of investment vehicles have allowed me to experience profits and gains atypical of more normal investment vehicles, i.e. stocks of companies. Leveraged and inverse instruments also gives me the ability to commit less money and experience greater gains profits than using standard stocks and ETFs. I do not have any financial certifications, nor do I work in finance, but what I know about leveraged and inverse instruments I have learned through years and years of research and practice. Those long years of research has allowed me to begin profiting off all of that hard work. I ask that you consider many more millions of retail investors like myself who have also been able to profit from leveraged and inverse financial instruments without having to obtain any special degrees or certifications to do so. With these current uncertain financial times of disappearing pensions and retirement programs and diminishing social security funds, financial vehicles like leveraged and inverse instruments are additional financial assets that regular people can use to help them grow their retirement portfolios. Please don't make it harder for the average citizen to provide for their own retirement.